Numi: A design system to support safe, spontaneous post-pandemic travel

Documenting + reflecting on six months of our senior Capstone project with Expedia

The Dream Team ❤️

Meet Cameron (she/they)

Meet Sara G (she/her)

Meet Kathy (she/they)

Meet Sara B (she/her)

Exploration 🧭

We affinity mapped our survey data to uncover larger themes.
As a part of each interview, we asked our participants to sketch their hopes for the future of travel.
To explore our interview data, we affinity diagrammed and chunked by theme.

Preparation 🧳

We crafted two personas to represent two distinct subgroups in our user group: novice travelers and experienced travelers.
We focused on our novice person, Dillon, in our user journey map.

Imagination 🌈

Kathy and Sara B created mood boards to inspire the layout of our lounge.
Sara G and Cameron crafted mood boards to inspire the design of our interfaces.
Sara G and Kathy created storyboards to show how our travelers might book a trip within a budget and reserve a lounge spot.
Sara B and Cameron created storyboards to show how our travelers might make a spontaneous schedule change while abroad and filter activities on the go.
Sara B crafted our user flow for making an account.
Sara G crafted our user flow for planning a trip.
Kathy crafted our user flow for making a lounge reservation.
Cameron crafted our user flow for booking a reservation at a restaurant.
Our team created information architecture to highlight the key navigation points of our interface.
Explore our wireframes.

Creation ✈️

We used the beta version of FigmaJam to narrow down our ideas for the name of our design system.
Flip through our brand guidelines!
Explore the high-fidelity interactive prototype of our Numi app!

Innovation 💫

Explore our table interface.
We collaborated with an architecture student to plan out the layout of our Numi Room.
Our finalized design for the Numi Room. Renderings by Nancy Gonzalez.
The Numi Room features nap pods for relaxation, sanitization stations for peace of mind, and a mix of digital and green spaces to aid the travel experience.
A collection of screenshots from our daily meetings.

Celebration 🥳

Seattle-based UX designer & researcher. Finishing up my Human Centered Design & Engineering degree @ UW. Check out for more!